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Elevate Your AR Strategy

There’s plenty more where that came from. With Camera IQ’s no-code platform for AR, it’s just as easy for brands and makeup artists alike to create and launch AR experiences across your social channels —but with branded elements, interactive moments and full creative control over color, shapes and finishes.

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AR in Action

We partnered with award-winning makeup artists to showcase their incredible artistry in AR. Check them out and try on their looks!

David Lopez

“Its so crazy how Camera IQ has made it so easy for us to recreate any of our makeups or any new makeup looks of our dreams that you can share over on your Instagram...so easy and so real!”

- David Lopez, Celebrity makeup artist and beauty pro

Doniella Davy

“I had dabbled with AR experiences in the past and had no idea how easy it could be to create my own AR makeup effects. Using CameraIQ Composer, I’m now able to create a makeup filter on my own without any knowledge of coding or a team of technical experts.”

- Donni Davy, Euphoria’s award-winning makeup artist

Erin Parsons

“I didn’t need any technical expertise to create this look. Any brand can easily drag and drop  the look that they want to come to life!”

- Erin Parsons, Maybelline’s Global Makeup Artist

Keita Moore

“It looks SO SO real.. And it also shows how the exact lip color could look on different complexions — it’s so easy to create!”

- Keita Moore, NY-based celebrity makeup artist



User-friendly and intuitive, brands can drag and drop content to build AR experiences easily.


A one-stop shop creative platform for designing and publishing AR experiences at scale, complete with monthly reports to gain insights and track performance.


Create once, deploy everywhere. Quickly share experiences anywhere your audience is - across channels, accounts, and regions - with a single click.

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